About Sue

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I am a mother of two beautiful children, a registered nurse and midwife.  I have practised as both a hypnobirthing® and now calmbirth® educator since 2005 and continue to run birthing workshops in inner Melbourne. I have worked with infants and their families in the hospital setting for over 20 years, completing my midwifery training in Sydney in 2001.

Since the birth of my babies, I have continued to work part time in the public sector as a midwife and have also attended homebirths. Through my work as a midwife I continually witness how fear and anxiety can negatively affect the birthing experience, but also how birth can be both empowering and an experience to cherish.

I am passionate about the need for greater choice in maternity services for women and their families in Victoria and Australia and through my midwifery knowledge and experience as a birthing educator, I hope that women and their partners are able to feel confident to make informed decisions around their birth choices. I believe by increasing their knowledge, having confidence, understanding and learning to trust their bodies, embracing the intensity of the sensations of labour and birth, women are able to bring their babies into the world joyfully.  Women have the right to experience birth as a wondrous, profound and life changing event.

I have been teaching couples the techniques of simple relaxation, visualisation and breathing since the birth of my first child in 2005 and have seen the effects that a positive pregnancy and rewarding birth experience can have on a woman and her family, and especially the newborn baby.

The experience of giving birth to my two children was incredibly positive and brought me to a greater realisation that birth can be both empowering and personally transformative. Having used the relaxation and breathing techniques for both of my pregnancies and births, I am passionate about assisting women to understand their birthing bodies and to find within themselves the resources necessary for reducing fear and to be able to birth more comfortably and with greater satisfaction.  And most importantly making it a positive experience regardless of the outcome/s.